Veteran politician L.K. Advani expressed his heartfelt gratitude for receiving the Bharat Ratna, viewing it as a recognition of the values and ideals he has firmly championed throughout his illustrious career rather than just a personal accomplishment.

A Lifetime of Commitment

A well-known personality in Indian politics, Advani expressed his feelings by saying, “Not only an honour for me as a person but also for ideals and principles that I strove to serve.” L.K. Advani is with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). As he reflected on his journey, which started when he joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), he underlined that the purpose of his life has always been to serve his beloved nation with dedication and selflessness, accepting any work that is given to him.

PM Modi’s Declaration

Using X, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement, expressing his joy and wishing Advani well on receiving the esteemed award. Referring to Advani as “one of the most respected statesmen of our times,” he highlighted the enormous impact he had made to the growth of India. L.K. Advani has continuously demonstrated deep insights in his parliamentary contributions, from his work at the grassroots level to his roles as Deputy Prime Minister, Home Minister, and I&B Minister.


Honoring L.K. Advani’s Philosophy

In his speech to the people of Odisha, Prime Minister Modi stressed that Advani represents the country’s gratitude for people who give their life to serve others. He said, “Bharat Ratna to LK. Advani is an honour to the ideology of putting the nation first.” In addition to honouring Advani’s personal accomplishments, the award pays homage to the timeless ideals and concepts that have shaped his extraordinary political career.

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