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Ben Stokes Sparks Debate: Urges DRS Review After Controversial Lbw Decision in Rajkot - SirWiz News
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After a controversial leg-before-wicket ruling during the third Test match between England and India in Rajkot, England captain Ben Stokes has called for a review of the Decision Review System (DRS). In the incident, Zak Crawley challenged umpire Kumar Dharamasena’s leg-before-stump (LBW) ruling, which was upheld despite the ball’s predicted trajectory indicating it would miss the upper part of the leg-stump.

Doubting the Umpire’s Decision on DRS

Stokes was displeased with the umpire’s decision on DRS, bringing up in particular Zak Crawley’s dismissal of Jasprit Bumrah. The replay unequivocally demonstrated the ball had missed the stump, yet the bowler was still awarded the score. Stokes argues that the idea of the “umpire’s call” has to be reconsidered, citing situations in which the decision made on the field is at odds with technology.

Ben Stokes

McCullum and Ben Stokes Talk About the issue in question

Ben Stokes and England manager Brendon McCullum spoke with match referee Jeff Crowe to get clarification on Crawley’s DRS. The uncertainty started when the replay showed that the ball was not hitting the stumps, but the Hawkeye technology said it was. Stokes underlined the importance of openness and tolerance in these circumstances.

Hawkeye’s Contribution to the Choice

Stokes drew attention to the difference between the ball’s real trajectory and the Hawkeye’s projection. Visual evidence contradicted the technology’s projection of a possible impact on the stumps. The captain voiced his confusion at the circumstances and emphasized the necessity for a careful investigation into what went wrong throughout the decision-making process.

Expressing Disbelief and Frustration

During the conversation, Stokes voiced his displeasure at the ambiguity and ignorance underlying DRS rulings. He underlined that when technology deviates from the readily apparent evidence in the field, the system’s dependability is called into doubt. Stokes’ request for a review of DRS is indicative of a larger worry regarding the reliability and consistency of decision-making in international cricket.

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