Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine,” Ariana Grande’s most recent album, takes listeners on an emotional journey while illuminating the difficulties she encountered throughout her marriage to Dalton Gomez. A behind-the-scenes look at the personal anguish that triggered their split is presented by the lyrics, which allude to possible adultery.


On July 17, after two years of marriage, the world was first made aware of Ariana and Dalton’s separation. They separated, but neither of them made any public comments about it. Within a month, they filed for divorce, claiming “irreconcilable differences.”

Eternal Sunshine Analysis 

The highlight is the title track, “Eternal Sunshine,” in which Ariana confronts a man who, based on the lyrics, may have cheated on her and deceived her. Ariana’s internal conflict is explored in the song, which also challenges her level with contentment in the relationship and impels her to be open and honest about her emotions.

Eternal Sunshine

The song also exposes the deception and manipulation that existed in the union, implying that the couple’s breakup was influenced by the claimed infidelity. Ariana expresses her inner pain, referring to the marriage as a “situationship” and stating that she wants to end the unhappy cycle.

Don’t wanna break up again,” the third song,  explores the intricacies of Ariana and Dalton’s purported relationship difficulties, effectively capturing the turbulent feelings in their union. While Dalton seems unconcerned, drowning out Ariana’s emotions with the screaming TV, the song vividly depicts her emotional solitude and her restless nights filled with tears. With devastating honesty, Ariana describes their marriage as a “situationship,” in the album  even as she struggles with the idea of overcoming her anxieties in order to escape the recurrent sorrow.

In addition to showcasing her vocal abilities, Ariana Grande’s song “Eternal Sunshine” gives listeners a close-up view of the nuances of her personal life. The album serves as an outlet for the musician to discuss her personal journey and the issues that ultimately caused her marriage to Dalton Gomez to fall apart.

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