The latest order by President Milei of Argentina, which includes 300 steps to repeal important laws pertaining to land ownership, retail food sales, export customs, housing leases, and more, has shocked the country. The purpose of the reforms is to promote competition in various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, airlines, and tourism. This assertive strategy expands upon previous austerity measures, such as a large devaluation of the nation’s currency and reductions in governmental subsidies.

Economic “Shock” Therapy

President Milei argues that the proclamation is a crucial component of the economic “shock” therapy that is required to revive a debt-ridden economy that is experiencing inflation of 140% annually. The order is expected to loosen export restrictions, redefine workers’ rights, privatize state-owned businesses, and alter housing and land ownership regulations in an effort to draw in foreign investment. The controversial nature of these changes prepares the left-leaning Peronist movement, which has controlled Argentine politics for the previous 20 years, and the libertarian president for a confrontation.


Public Outcry: Protests Erupt Across Argentina 

A public announcement set off a sudden outburst of rage, notwithstanding the lackluster first reception to Milei’s measures. Rallying at the Plaza del Congreso, protesters bearing whistles, kitchen utensils, and Argentine flags expressed the widespread dissatisfaction. There are worries about the possibility of situations getting worse because 40% of Argentinians live in poverty. The story is made more complex by the president’s unyielding position and worries about benefit reductions for demonstrators

Global Impacts:  Evolution of Satellite Internet

Milei’s changes also take into account outside influences, including the support of right-wing billionaire Elon Musk. In order to ease the entry of businesses such as Starlink, the president of Argentina announced modifications to the country’s satellite internet market. This global component adds an interesting twist to Milei’s economic reform, causing repercussions outside of the country.

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