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Alleged NEET Student Kavya Dhakad's Kidnapping Revealed as Shocking Staged Conspiracy - SirWiz News
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A shocking discovery has been made by Rajasthan police about the case of a student who was allegedly abducted from Madhya Pradesh when she was in Kota getting ready for the NEET. What has come to light is that the girl and her friends were plotting to obtain money from her father, and that’s what passed for a real abduction.

Initial Panic

The family of a 20-year-old girl from the Shivpuri area of MP first claimed that she was kidnapped in Kota, Rajasthan, when she was getting ready for the NEET, and held captive for money. Following the announcement of a reward for information leading to her safe return by Kota City SP Amrita Duhan, Kota Police launched an investigation.

Kavya’s Plan

According to recent events, the girl, named as Kavya, and her two friends may have staged the kidnapping. They allegedly plotted to get Kavya’s father to pay them Rs. 30 lakhs so they could plan a trip abroad.

It turns out that nothing strange happened, despite initial worries and searches for the girl. Kavya and one of her friends who was also involved in the scheme have not been found by the police. They have requested their assistance and asked them to get in touch with the closest police station.

Disturbing WhatsApp photos of Kavya purportedly chained and gagged were sent to her father, along with a demand for cash. At first, the police conducted search operations and handled the matter as kidnapping for ransom under Section 364A IPC. However, it’s unclear if Kavya and her accomplices would face legal consequences following the conspiracy’s disclosure.

The authorities from Kota and Shivpuri are working together to find Kavya and make sure she is safe. The administration and family are actively participating in the search efforts despite the unexpected change of events, as they continue to be concerned for the student’s welfare.

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