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AK Antony's Political Loyalty Clash: Son's BJP Affiliation Sparks Huge Family Feud - SirWiz News
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Former Union Defence Minister and seasoned Congressman AK Antony stated that he wanted his son, Anil K. Antony, to lose the next Lok Sabha election. Anil has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and is running from Kerala’s Pathanamthitta seat, which is likely to lead to a family feud in the political sphere.

AK Antony’s Congress-Loyalty

Over his entire political career, 83-year-old AK Antony has been an ardent supporter of the Congress party. He called the Congress his’religion,’ and he has always adhered to its principles and beliefs. Antony’s loyalty to the Congress is unwavering, even when his son defected to the BJP last year.

Anil K. Antony’s Membership in the BJP

Anil K Antony, on the other hand, has publicly challenged his father’s political position after joining the BJP. He wrote off AK Antony’s devotion to the Congress as outdated and irrelevant. Declaring that people who support the Gandhi family are like “dogs who keep barking at the moon,” Anil reaffirmed his endorsement of the BJP’s platform.


Political Disparities and Accusations

The rift between the father and son intensified when AK Antony openly supported Anto, the Pathanamthitta-born Congress candidate. In retaliation, Anil questioned his father’s loyalty to the Gandhi family and said he was backing an MP who disparaged the military. This back-and-forth acrimony highlights the fierce political rivalry that exists inside the family.

The political climate in Kerala is significantly impacted by the father-son conflict. The continuous power battle between the Congress and the BJP in the state is reflected in AK Antony’s claim that the BJP’s heyday in Kerala is over and his caution against Narendra Modi’s reelection.

In summary

The conflict between Anil K. and AK Antony serves as a perfect example of the nuanced interplay between political allegiance and family dynamics. As the election progresses, all eyes will be on Pathanamthitta to witness if political beliefs or familial ties will win out in this crucial race.

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