The prevalent problem of sexual harassment in educational institutions has gained attention following the suicide of a seventeen-year-old student studying in a Polytechnic college, Visakhapatnam. The teenager sent heartbreaking texts to her family, citing threats of social media humiliation and sexual harassment by a college lecturer as the reasons behind her drastic action.

Information on the Incident

The student disclosed that she had experienced sexual harassment at her institution in upsetting conversations with her family. She said she was afraid of getting revenge from her harassers, who she said had incriminating pictures of her and were threatening to post them on social media. She tried to contact the administration for assistance, but she felt unheard and helpless to stop the harassment.

Sexual Harassment

Desperate Calls for Assistance

The student complained in her texts the absence of guidance from college staff and the difficulty in contacting law enforcement because of threats from her harassers. She expressed her regret to her family for taking her own life and hoped that by doing so, the widespread harassment of female students at the school would no longer have to endure.

Demands for Accountability and Investigation

In the wake of the tragic event, officials have launched an extensive investigation to ascertain the veracity of the student’s claims and the circumstances surrounding her suicide. The necessity to address the systematic concerns of sexual assault in educational institutions is underscored by the Technical Education Commissioner’s decision for a comprehensive investigation.

College Authorities’ Reactions- Denying Sexual Harassment Claims

The episode highlights the critical need for efficient rules and procedures to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of students, even though the college principal refuted claims of inadequate security and asserted that stringent safeguards were in place to avoid harassment. It will be vital to see how the college administration responds to the claims in order to rebuild confidence and stop harassing events in the future.

In conclusion, the young student’s sudden death serves as a sobering reminder of the serious repercussions of sexual harassment and the institutional inability to adequately protect and support victims. To establish a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all students, authorities must carry out an open investigation, hold offenders accountable, and put in place strong security measures.

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