Han So-hee

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol and South Korean actress Han So-hee were sighted vacationing together in Hawaii, sparking speculations about their romance that have now been formally confirmed.

At first, Han So-hee’s agency refuted the claims of a romantic relationship, citing their trip as a get-together between close friends. But although Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency acknowledged his presence in Hawaii yet said nothing about the dating allegations, the speculations just got wilder.

Cryptic Social Media Posts

Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol’s former girlfriend of six years, added to the rumours when she shared a mysterious Instagram Story from a holiday destination with the message, “It’s fun.” So-hee responded by posting a picture of a dog brandishing a knife, heightening the mystery surrounding their connection.

Han So-hee’s Verdict

Han So-hee confirmed her connection with Ryu Jun Yeol on her blog on March 16, addressing the suspicions head-on. She made it clear that they didn’t start dating until early in 2023, after Ryu Jun Yeol ended his prior relationship with Hyeri.

Concluding Remarks

 So-hee acknowledged her admirers’ support and conveyed her want to minimise any hurt they may have caused her, as well as her happiness with her new relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol.


Finally, the rumours about So-hee’s romantic status have been dispelled by her confirmation, giving both her admirers and the public clarification.

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