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28-Year-Old Dutch Woman Zoraya Ter Beek Chooses Euthanasia Due to Mental Health Struggles - SirWiz News
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Zoraya Ter Beek

The 28-year-old Dutchwoman Zoraya ter Beek has chosen to formally end her life since she continues to struggle with severe depression, autism, as well as borderline personality disorder. The complicated concerns regarding euthanasia and mental health have been addressed by this ruling, this has attracted attention and sparked discussions.

Background: Mental Health Challenges

Living in a tiny community close to the German border, Zoraya Ter Beek  has struggled with mental health issues the entirety of her life. Her physical health is good, but her mental health issues have been severe and persistent.

Justifications for Assisted Suicide

Following the exhaustion of all available therapeutic options, Zoraya’s psychiatrists advised her that there was minimal chance of change. She made the difficult decision to go for euthanasia as a way to put an end to her misery and find peace when faced with the possibility of continuing to suffer.

Zoraya Ter Beek’s Personal Reflections

During their conversation, Zoraya Ter Beek stated that she wanted to relieve her family of the responsibility of tending to her tomb. It is her intention to have the operation followed by cremation so that her partner would not have to take care of her ultimate resting place.The procedure is going to take place in May.

Euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands when a patient’s suffering is intolerable and there is no chance of recovery. A sedative and a medication to halt the patient’s heart will be given by a doctor to ensure a calm and painless death.

Significant debates concerning assisted death, mental health services, and ethical issues related to it have been spurred by Zoraya’s decision to choose euthanasia. Some contend that people should have the right to put an end to their suffering in a dignified way, while others may dispute the morality of such a choice.


Zoraya’s tale serves as a powerful reminder of the severe effects of mental illness and the value of compassion and empathy in conversations about euthanasia and end-of-life care as she gets ready to pass away. In the end, her experience makes us consider the complexity of human suffering and the need for a courteous and compassionate approach to end-of-life decisions.

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